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Why us

One face for the entire project

DIVAA DESIGNS will handle your entire project and this makes us your one point contact for any matter. No need to co-ordinate between the designers, the various contracting teams and vendors. DIVAA  DESIGNS will manage it all for you and you will be consistently updated via email.


With DIVAA DESIGNS you can expect complete transparency on all matters. Our detailed and thorough BOQ’s (bills of quantity) bring clarity and reassurance to all our dealings.


At DIVAA DESIGNS we sincerely appreciate the invaluable importance of your precious time. Because DIVAA DESIGNS is also a turn-key, every process from design through to execution is fast tracked. The result is not only market leading quality, finishing and attention to detail but also project delivery times that are as less as half that of the competition.

Impeccable customer satisfaction record

DIVAA DESIGNS believes in cultivating strong and lasting relations. Our prompt, friendly and efficient customer service will exceed your expectations.



A meeting is arranged with the Client to understand the requirements.

And the process of working is agreed upon.

Every project we undertake begins with a thorough assessment of your unique and individual needs. To create a space that best complements your style, character and personality, we engage closely with you to better understand your particular demands.

Our commercial projects receive an equally rigorous assessment. Knowing what people value in their surroundings helps us create comfortable, efficient and flexible spaces that are insightfully and sensitively designed, while adding value for both owner and user alike.

CAD Plans – CAD drawings, short for computer aided design, are the ground zero of any project. Our drawings make optimal use of every available inch while reducing reliance on energy.

3D Views – 3D or 3 dimensional views are the next step of the interior design process. Once your CAD drawings are ready, we will bring your space alive through faithful and life-like 3 dimensional reproductions.

Divaa Designs provides premium quality 3D design services as part of its ‘design only’ and ‘turnkey interior design’ packages.


Our ‘in-house’ contracting services cover the following areas:
1. Masonry
2. Carpentry
3. Tiling
4. Electrical
5. Plaster and false ceiling
6. Painting
7. Polishing

Furnishing and Styling

Furnishing and styling marks the culmination of the interior design process, and celebrates the harmonious fusion of its elements.

Whether its fixtures and fittings, curtains and fabrics, accessories and art pieces, electronics or home appliances, our team will offer you expert guidance in their selection, setup and placement. If it’s something unique or hard to find, we will leverage our considerable resources to help you acquire it, so that you can fully realize your dream home.

The small details make a big difference, and we will work collaboratively to style your project and make it look its very best.